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Support School Gardens in the Chapel Hill / Triangle, NC Area! Whole Foods School Garden Grant Program

Whole Foods is seeking donations at checkout to help fund the FoodCorps/Whole Kids Foundation Garden Grant Program, with the goal of offering 1,000 schools, (including some local Chapel Hill / Triangle, NC schools), a $2,000 grant to create and expand school garden programs.

You can add $1 or $5 to your grocery bill at checkout to help fund the cause to make school gardens available to schools that otherwise might not have them.

School gardens are a wonderful way for children to learn about nature, while cultivating healthy eating habits. It is far more exciting for a child (or anyone!) to eat something delicious that a child has helped to grow, water, nourish, and harvest – what a wonderful educational tool and life skill to pass along to our children at school.

Does your local Chapel Hill / Triangle, NC school have a school garden?  If so we would love to hear about your children’s school gardening experience – please post a note about your child’s school garden below!

My own goal is to grow a blueberry farm that local children can visit to pick berries (blueberries, blackberries, maybe raspberries too!)  YUM – what could be more delicious than locally grown, Chapel Hill / Triangle, NC fresh-picked blueberries?  (At the top of the DELICIOUS list along with fresh-picked blueberries are the local springtime crop of pick-your-own strawberries from Chapel Hill, NC area strawberry patches, including Jean’s Berry Patch and Farmer Mark Waller’s strawberries at Waller Farms. YUMMY!)

You can learn more about the Whole Foods Garden Grant program to support school gardens by visiting www.foodcorps.org or www.wholefoods.com.

Happy gardening!