Strawberry Fields Forever! (Or at least for the next week or so at Waller Family Farm in Durham, NC)

May 2012: It’s STRAWBERRY PICKING TIME at Waller Family Farm, just a few minutes away from New Hope Commons in Durham (just 3 miles from Chapel Hill)!You can still pick strawberries at the Waller Family Farm for another few weeks or so (as of May 10, 2012). (The length of the season depends on the weather/rain.)

MAY 23, 2012 UPDATE: Strawberries are still available for picking as of today; plan to pick soon! Call (919) 225-4305 for daily updates from Waller Family Farm.

Waller Family Farm Spring 2012 Strawberry Picking Season Hours:
8am – 7pm, Mondays – Saturdays (closed Sundays)

Yum, yum, yum! The Joy of Strawberries! That’s how we feel about strawberry picking at the Waller Family Farm: joyful, blissful, peaceful, fun, DELICIOUS. We love to go strawberry picking there every year. Yesterday we picked strawberries after school (with our school’s soccer team), in a very light
rain, and everyone had a great time (especially our five-year-old son). When we got home, he turned some of his strawberries into jam by mashing them up – then we added some arrowroot for a bit of thickening.

Farmer Mark (Waller) was there at the Farm, helpful, friendly and cheerful as always. A school group was leaving just as we arrived, and Farmer Mark was taking pictures of the kids. They clearly were all having an exciting, fun time, and they were beaming, each with their very own bag of strawberries to take home.

Farmer Mark with Trinity School Kindergarten children on a Fall visit at Waller Family Farm

Farmer Mark often hosts groups of school children at the farm at different times of year (including Educational Farm Tours in the Fall), and his tours are so much fun for the kids and the grown-ups! Farmer Mark has a great sense of humor; we think he could be a stand-up comedian as well as the kids’ favorite farmer.

Visit Waller Farms Year-round for Farm Fresh Produce!
Starting during the middle of strawberry season and lasting through December, Waller Farms has a delicious variety of veggies available. From early items such as spring onions, cabbage and squash, to Summer mainstays including tomatoes, sweet corn, sweet peppers, watermelon, cucumbers, etc., Waller Farms offers a delicious selection of summer produce fresh-picked daily from the farm. You can’t get them any fresher! In the Fall, Waller Family Farm offers butternut squash, collards, cabbage, turnips (with greens) and other fall favorites.

Waller Family Farm Address / Directions
5030 Kerley Rd., Durham, NC 27705
(919) 225-4305 (call this number for daily updates). If you are coming from New Hope Commons, take Mt. Moriah to where it T’s at the intersection with Erwin Rd., take a right on Erwin, then take a left onto Kerley Rd. The Waller Farms strawberry patch is very conveniently located at the intersection of Mt. Sinai and Kerley Rd.

Yummy Fresh-Picked Strawberries with Belgian waffles and whipped cream!

We love Waller Family Farm strawberries on their own, but as a special treat we enjoyed fresh-picked strawberries with Trader Joe’s authentic Belgian waffles (imported from Belgium!), exactly as pictured on the box. (Just pop them in the toaster or heat for 4–6 minutes in the oven.) Available at the local Chapel Hill Trader Joe’s.