Fun at the Eno River Festival: July 4th, 7th and 8th

Yesterday we spent a sunny 4th of July at the Festival for the Eno, mostly in the shade, and splashing in the Eno River. (For more click here for our recent blog about the Festival for the Eno.) We found some teeny tiny frogs, delighted over them, and then let them go. Our kids could have stayed in the river all day long, but there are lots of fun things to do and see at the Eno River Festival, so we made sure to visit the exhibits and activities throughout the festival.

Our favorite Festival exhibits this year feature animals and critters, including salamanders, snakes, lizards, and turtles, who live at the Eno River, as well as rescued owls and birds.

Screech Owl named Jess – Piedmont
Barred Owl named Athena –

At the Piedmont Wildlife Center’s tent we were especially taken with a beautiful barred owl, and a charming little screech owl named Jess with a wonderfully memorable face, and big amber eyes. (I want to write a children’s book about this little screech owl! She has amazing character. She was sitting perched on the shoulder of a friendly volunteer, and one of the owl’s eyes was raised higher than the other, in a quizzical expression, inspecting our faces as we gazed at her.) Learn more about the Piedmont Wildlife Center animals.

The children also enjoyed gently petting and holding a pretty dove. We were intrigued by an elegant green/black/yellow striped snake (black snake family). She seemed so relaxed and gentle.

Eno River State Park Water Mill

Then we were off to see the River Mill! We never tire of visiting the Eno River Mill and watching the mill’s water wheel churning and turning. It is a fascinating and rare opportunity to watch the river mill and all of the moving, turning parts inside the mill house, harnessing the power of the river as it transforms whole grain (wheat, yellow corn and white corn) into flour, corn meal and grits. (You can purchase bags of freshly ground flour, corn meal and grits in the mill.)

The annual Eno River Festival sand castle sculpture was in its first day of progress yesterday. As the sand sculptors worked on the giant sand sculpture, we could see tree tops emerging from the trunk of a huge tree, and a caterpillar was taking form. This weekend at the festival you will be able to see the sand sculpture getting closer to its final form until it is completed. There is a sandbox area right next to the shaded sand sculpture tent, where little ones can dig and scoop sand and make their own sculptures.

As every  year, the festival food options include festival fare and lots of gourmet options from local restaurants, including crepes, vegetarian options, and a very cool looking Baguette-Mobile.

The Festival for the Eno will continue on Saturday & Sunday, July 7th and 8th, 2012, featuring live music on four stages, a great range of food options, artisans’ booths, fun activities and games, river stomping, and lots of fun for everyone. Read our recent blog for more about the Festival for the Eno.
Have fun at the festival!